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My Morning Routine

What I do to stay healthy and productive.

• 4 min read

⏰ Waking up (6.07 AM)

A fixed, consistent time helps your circadian rhythm and thanks to Fitbit Smart Wake I can wake up between 5:37 and 6:07, according to my REM/Light/Deep sleep phases.

I keep the same times on weekends too.

🚰 Hydration (6.10 AM)

First things first: I get hydrated (with a little boost). During sleep, you naturally lose your liquids through sweating, so it's important to re-introduce them back: you'll feel more awake and without brain fog.

I used to drink just a glass of water in the cold seasons and one with some magnesium/potassium supplement during the hot ones. Now I started mixing my water with a scoop of SuperGreen Tonik. I'm still evaluating if I'm getting any real improvement, a review will follow after I complete a 3-months cycle.

🧘‍♂️ Meditation (6.13 AM)

10 minutes are dedicated to mindfulness-guided meditation. Noting, body scan, practicing gratitude, breathing... Whatever Fitbit Premium inspires me for that particular day.

I used Headspace in the past, but now I'm focused on getting the best from a Fitbit Premium subscription.

Meditating in the morning allows me to create space in my mind so that:

  • I remember how grateful and lucky I am for my life and family
  • I can address my emotions during work not being overwhelmed
  • I get to know myself better every day

🏋️‍♂️ Workout (06.27 AM)

Just 10-15 minutes. Seriously.

If you believe 10-minutes workouts are useless... Well, you think exactly like me before I tried! And you (and me) are wrong.

I'm not saying I'll have a super-defined body, lose weight or become a real athlete, but this is not my purpose. A 10-minutes workout is enough to:

  • improve my mood by releasing dopamine and serotonin, as I feel satisfied when I finish and I don't feel guilty not having sweat at all
  • relax my muscles' physical tension caused by working with 2 monitors and staying sit all-day
  • keep the habit and help me achieve 1 hour of exercise per week

Of course, when I have more time like during holidays or weekends I try to do some other aerobic activities like walking and cycling. I miss the time I played tennis, but I'm still struggling to find the time to play while balancing work and family.

🥐 Breakfast (6.42 AM)

Time to reward me for being consistent: I drink a coffee with a snack, sometimes a glass of fruit juice too. I'm not yet having a super sane breakfast with fruits and vegetables, it may be something to add later in the year.

🃏 Free time while everyone is still asleep

Now is when my routine begins to be less fixed. I do what I need the most.

I may cook for me and wife so we have a lunchbox, read some newsletter, search for something, read a book, write this blog, etc

It's like a 20-minute wildcard I can choose to play on the most needed activity.

👨‍🍼 Caring for Mattia Dante (7.07 AM)

Mattia (Dante is his second name) is my 1-year baby.

I wake him up, feed him with milk, change the diaper, give a D3 vitamin supplement and dress him up so he's ready to be "delivered" to kindergarten by my wife Giulia.

It's not only a duty, I enjoy these moments as he's usually happy and fun and make me and Giulia's day start with a lot of laughs.

🃏 Free time while I'm alone (7.47 AM)

I usually get another 30-40 minutes to do other things I need or want to do. As I'm alone and no one is sleeping, I can even play some music.

If I'm not working from home, this is the time I catch my train.

💻 Start working (8.25 AM 8.40 AM)

My work day starts when no one else is already working so I can prepare for my schedule and check emails.

I won't describe my work day in this article.

🛏️ Going to bed (11.00 PM)

This is not part of the morning, but it is fundamental to keep my routine.

I'm able to get 7 hours of sleep this way, which is not as good as 8 hours but is enough for me in this moment of my life. I may have 30 minutes naps during the weekend.

I try to stop using any electronic devices after 10.30 PM, the only exception being my Kindle Paperwhite. Reading is the thing I do to relax before falling to sleep.